Pinterest is more than you think

Pinterest – Does it Matter?

Should you check the Pinterest shares for your or competitors’ page?

Everybody knows that some publishers thrive on Pinterest. It is not surprising that the French design magazine AD France gathers up to 2.5K  monthly Pinterest shares – this publishing genre is expected to do well. But did you know that technology and automotive news are as popular as home-, design and lifestyle content?

The French technology news site FrAndroid and Dutch automotive news sites TopGear and are among the biggest on Pinterest. Also science has made it to the platform. In Sweden, Science Nordic gets as many shares as lifestyle publishers.

Pinterest tells us about audiences’ niche interests more than most of us expect. By checking what gets shared on Pinterest you can learn from your audiences’ preferences.

Here are the top Pinterest publishers from the SoMe Index countries France, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Finland. The data used in this post is sorted by the amount of Pinterest shares during Q3, 2017.

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