SoMe Index November 2016 – The Month of the Facebook Vote

For November, we have three new juicy points to share with SomeIndex blog readers: we will find out which are Denmark’s biggest brands on social media. Then we will visualise the how publishers are typically placed in the SoMe index countries. Finally, we will take a look into the most popular posts in November.


Getting to Know Denmark’s Social Media Master Brands

The newest news is that we launched SoMe Index in Denmark in the end of November, and will have exciting times following which Danish publishers know their social media publishing best. At the moment, we know already who the likely suspects are:

TV 2 Danmark, Berglinske Media and its Ekstra Bladet, DR Nyheder,  Metroexpress and climbed to the top five. They will most likely be racing for the top place in the future.

Let’s get a bit more familiar with the SomeIndex’s newcomers.

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-0-31-43TV2 Danmark is a public television broadcasting company that has several subscription only channels. It also owns Denmark’s biggest general news brand on SomeIndex,  TV 2 NYHEDERNE.

Other top news brands are Metroexpress,, DR Nyheder, and  – they all made it into SomeIndex top five on weeks 47 and 48.

TV2 Danmark is also the biggest television brand. Other big television brands are TV 2 Lorry and


Berglinske Media participates in the race especially with its tabloids BT and Ekstra Bladet.


SE og HØR does it in Danish entertainment genre. The brand is both a television guide and a magazine focusing on celebrity news. Se og Hör is published in locally edited versions in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.


Delbart – of the screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-11-37-35same family with the Sweden’s Uppskattat and Finland’s Arvostettu – is Denmark’s biggest viral news publisher on Facebook at the moment.

In the future we will see which brands tend to stick in the top in Denmark. Other Nordic countries’ top brands tend to change their placement only a little.


Recognising the Patterns

The regular SomeIndex reader knows that the best engaging Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, French, and Netherland brands are usually the same ones. Their order changes, but not much.


From this heat map it is easy to locate what is the customary pattern, and when something new, even surprising happens.

We see that there is less variation in the Nordic countries than in France and Netherlands.

Norway and Finland are interesting examples of the “Nordic” situation that is rather static: in Norway, the positions of the top two brands, Tv2 and NRK, do not change at all.

In Finland, the top brands Iltalehti and Ilta-Sanomat only change places with each other. So do the third and fourth brands, Yleisradio and MTV. is persistently in the fifth place.

France and Netherlands have much more variation – we could playfully call this the “Continental” situation. In France, 20 Minutes keeps its place, but the position of L’EQUIPE, changes significantly: from first to fifth (week 45).

In Netherlands, De Telegraaf is often in the top, but on the week 44 it disappears from the map – it was sixth.


The Facebook Vote

What were the November hits for the publishers? Live video polls. One may be critical about the newsworthiness of live video elections, but let’s admit that the variation and creativity we find in coming up with different genres is amusing. Soon after we saw the first example of live video polls on Facebook, they issued these guidelines reducing polls’ effectivity (they will take a long time to disappear completely though).


Top Three: The most popular Facebook posts in Sweden, all brands, November 2016.

In Sweden, live video polls made the top three of all posts in November. The most popular poll asks how should one pronounce kex (biscuit) in Swedish. The second asks for the voter’s opinion about the US election, and the third polls which Swedish city is cooler. Stockholm won by a small majority.

Live video polls flourished at the time of the US presidential election. One might even see some ironic humour in this, given the importance of social media for political decision making.

See more about the Live Video Polls – or the importance of social media in US presidential election – in the EzyInsights blog.

The data described in this blog post is available at SoMe Index.

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