SoMe Index, week 34

Welcome to week 34!

We’re back to normal this week as publishers come off their Olympic games high. It’s quite a drop in engagement, although top contenders are still way ahead of the pack.

In Finland, no changes in medal positions as tabloid Ilta-Sanomat (668,558 engagement) comes in first, followed by rival tabloid Iltalehti (647,388) and public broadcaster Yleisradio (514,656).

Similarly in Sweden, tabloid Expressen (1,306,681 engagement) holds on to its position from last week as rival Aftonbladet (1,019,339) comes in second and viral news outlet Newsner (888,316) wraps up the top three.

Norwegian broadcaster TV 2 (765,781 engagement) stays well ahead of the other top contenders with public broadcaster NRK (460,118) and daily newspaper (436,807) in pursuit.

Finally to provide some change, 20 Minutes (2,009,820 engagement) performs very well, only losing a fraction of its engagement from last week’s big Olympic news while runner-up L’EQUIPE (1,789,206) loses a whopping three million engagement in one week. This is to be expected; we should be seeing more of L’EQUIPE again during the Paralympics and other top sport events during the remainder of 2016. Broadcaster BFMTV (1,775,807) wraps up our top three for France this week.

Let’s take a look at some of the top posts from last week:

This Le Figaro story about Christian, an unemployed single father of two with only 60 euros on his bank account winning more than 200,000 euros in a series of TV contests earned more than 123,000 On-Post engagement and 72,000 Web Shares.

This Aftenposten native vid about a Norwegian nursing home complete with a pub, a restaurant and a spa earned more than 114,000 On-Post engagement and 11,000 Web Shares. The actual Facebook post sharing a link to the story did considerably less, a bit over 4,000 engagement (still a great post) – another reminder that Facebook native video is extremely powerful and engaging compared to link sharing.

This Expressen story about a one-year-old found in the backseat of a car receiving a warm bath at the police station is a heartbreaker, earning more than 29,000 On-Post engagement and 32,000 Web Shares. Bubbling right under: Bengal cat Thor, the most beautiful feline in the world posted by Newsner Djur.

This story from Ilta-Sanomat celebrating the Finnish police force’s 200th birthday earned more than 22,000 On-Post engagement and 18,000 Web Shares. Bubbling right under: Finnish singer Saara Aalto made it through the preliminaries in The X Factor UK, posted by Iltalehti.

That’s all for this time – see you here next week!

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