SoMe Index, week 35

Welcome to SoMe Index Netherlands!

As of today, SoMe Index is fully operational in the Netherlands! Check in every Tuesday to find out which Dutch publishers are performing best on social media.

Broadcaster RTL has the honor of being our first Dutch winner with a strong 588,615 total engagement! Most of their social success can be attributed to the RTL Nieuws news service, but the channel’s RTL Late Night and RTL XL properties provide good support in generating engagement, accounting for roughly a sixth of the total sum. Viral photo and video site comes in second at 493,800 engagement and the country’s largest daily morning newspaper De Telegraaf is the best-performing Dutch print media on social, ranking third with 429,779 engagement. Hot on their heels is Rotterdam-based tabloid Algemeen Dagblad, coming in fourth with 418,326 engagement and sports site voetbalzone wraps up the Dutch top five this week, earning a total 346,664 engagement.

A question we are often asked is whether or not it’s worth it to manage verticals as separate pages on Facebook. There is no universal solution to the matter and some organizations are better off focusing on one strong brand while others may find greater benefit catering to precisely targeted focus groups. We’re glad to see Dutch media organizations have made both approaches work! RTL NieuwsDe Telegraaf and LINDAnieuws are great examples of strong main pages that successfully cater to a wide audience, while, Metro Holland and RTV are getting great use out of their regional and topic-centric subpages.

Let’s take a look at some of the top posts from the Netherlands last week:

This video of an impromptu “traffic light pit stop” is the highest-engaging Dutch story of the week, with more than 68,000 engagement and over 1,5 million views. Not quite as fast as in the F1, but the professionalism is evident here.

There’s some serious star power in this native photo of Dutch DJ Tiësto hanging out with UK rockers Coldplay. More than 46,000 engagement, but no Web Shares as this photo appears on Facebook only.

The Dutch take their football (that’s “soccer” to the uninitiated) seriously and it’s no surprise we’re seeing a lot of footie content near the top. Andres Iniesta’s revelation of how Ronaldinho’s 3am prank call claiming he was joining Real Madrid led to El Clasico glory is the highest-performing sports piece of the week, earning more than 10,000 On-Post engagement and another 8,600 Web Shares for the actual story.

From RTL Nieuws, here’s something you don’t see every day. This young man earned his lecture an automatic 100 on a chem quiz (and quite possibly immortal glory to go with it) by making an impossible shot. Over 10,400 On-Post engagement and another 9,800 Web Shares for a total of over 20,000!

Finally, also from RTL Nieuws, this story of a nine-year old boy successfully resuscitating his baby brother earned over 8,600 On-Post engagement and 10,300 Web Shares.

That’s all for this time – see you here next week!

The data described in this blog post is available at SoMe Index.

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