SoMe Index Finland, week 12

Despite a looming Easter weekend it’s been a busy week for Finnish media in week 12, with the European Action Week Against Racism bringing an unexpected viral story first covered by Yleisradio and with turning clocks an hour ahead once again becoming the topic of the day, drawing both support and ire.

Iltalehti takes the cake in week 12 over rival Ilta-Sanomat, turning Daylight Saving Time and a proposal to ban smoking in cars while in the company of minors into big, likeable hits while supporting its Sports, Entertainment and viral sections with dedicated Facebook pages of their own.

As far as news go, tabloids Iltalehti and Ilta-Sanomat are significantly ahead of news broadcasters Yleisradio and MTV and daily newspaper Helsingin Sanomat.

Finnish president Sauli Niinistö stays in the top 10 after strongly condemning the racially motivated bullying of a young boy, interviewed on Yleisradio’s morning broadcast. Niinistö had a great week on social a week before as well, after breaking the news he was going to meet US president Barack Obama.

Finnish police continue to protect and serve on Facebook by publishing several well-received Easter posts in the holidays.

In Business news, Kauppalehti maintains its lead over Talouselämä, both now owned by Alma Media. Sanoma-owned Taloussanomat is holding third place.

Viral site Arvostettu continues to engage its Facebook audience best in the Viral news category. Rival Viihdelehti Stara has been more efficient in generating website shares on Facebook, though.

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