SoMe Index, week 18

We’ve got a special treat for you this week: Norway is live in SoMe Index!

Starting this week, media professionals will be able to compare Norwegian publishers’ social media performance based on precise data from a variety of social platforms. No more relying on sample data, panels or estimation – SoMe Index only deals in real, accurate social engagement data around articles and posts made by publishers!

Norway’s largest commercial television station TV 2 leads the scoreboard, holding a comfortable lead of just over 200 000 total engagement over public broadcasting company NRK. Tabloids Verdens Gang and Dagbladet hold third and fourth places respectively while online newspaper Nettavisen wraps up the top five with the country’s largest printed newspaper by circulation, Aftenposten, coming in sixth.

Similar to what we’ve seen in Finland and Sweden previously, all top contenders supplement their Facebook presence with an array of subpages dedicated to individual sections and topics. Very much like Finnish public broadcaster Yleisradio and commercial broadcaster MTV, TV 2 and NRK clearly have the best performing subpages out of the bunch.

Despite TV 2 having a significant lead, all top contenders are fairly equally represented in the top stories of the week. Instead of having to get lucky with viral hits, the broadcaster wisely relies on a steady stream of socially relevant and high-quality content. The absolute top social story in Norway this week is an amazing native Facebook video from VG, while others include a native video from NRK covering police attacks in Stockholm and a TV 2 weather report.

We’re seeing no changes this week in the Swedish top three with tabloids Expressen and Aftonbladet and viral site Newsner holding their positions in the top three, Aftonbladet’s sport section Sportbladet and Expressen’s SportExpressen also dominating the Sports news category.

On the other hand in Finland, the top spot continues to change frequently as Iltalehti ascends once more, surpassing rival tabloid Ilta-Sanomat. In another interesting change this week, broadcaster MTV moves up to third place for the first time since we started, pushing public broadcaster Yleisradio down a rank. Well done! As expected, we’re seeing a bit of a drop in total engagement across all top contenders as we’re coming off last week’s ice hockey success.

See you here next week!

The data described in this blog post is available at SoMe Index.

SoMe Index is powered by EzyInsights, the leading content discovery tool used by publishers. EzyInsights tracks engagement on hundreds of thousands of stories daily, helping newsrooms use data to increase their traffic. SoMe Index uses EzyInsights data to give a clear, accurate view of publisher performance in Finland and Sweden. SoMe Index is planned to launch in Norway, Germany and France during 2016.