SoMe Index, week 21

It’s an unprecedented week in Sweden with celebrities on top: Maher Zain and Zlatan Ibrahimovic have been spitting out hit posts throughout the week. What’s most interesting in terms of media, however, is the fact that Newsner reclaims the media crown from tabloids Expressen and Aftonbladet. Newsner’s main page outperforms those of the competition and their win is further supported by an array of well-performing subpages.

The Swedish royal family official Facebook page Kungahuset peaks at tenth spot, due to the social relevance of Prince Oscar’s christening. What a sweet little guy.

Finnish publishers come off an insane week of ice hockey success but manage to maintain impressive figures, with the after-effect of hockey virals trailing on. We’ve got Ilta-Sanomat on top with Iltalehti coming in second, broadcasters Yleisradio and MTV third and fourth respectively and finally newspaper Helsingin Sanomat coming in sixth this week. The top five is fairly established in all countries we’re looking at, but some categories provide more excitement: in Radio stations, Iskelmä returns to the top with Radio Nova also able to go above 10,000 total engagement.

Norway is particularly dug in this week, with the entire top 7 remaining unchanged! We’re seeing lower total engagement for the top Norwegian posts compared to the top ones from Finland and Sweden this week. In the absence of viral hits, a solid foundation of well-performing everyday topics becomes even more important and this enables the top contenders to hold on to healthy total engagement numbers even if no-one gets lucky with a viral hit this week.

Finally, let’s take a look at the top stories. We’re seeing a lot of reposts on top this week, with the biggest new stories capping at around 40-50,000 engagement across the Nordics.



For the the best-performing Finnish Post this week, we have this recap of the recent hockey games by Ilta-Sanomat. It’s a great post, racking up 28,697 engagement and also a healthy 21,420 Website Shares, bringing us to 50,116 total engagement for this story. It’s a significant chunk of Ilta-Sanomat’s weekly total.


This article by Kodin Kuvalehti is the best repost this week, with an impressive 55,229 lifetime Website Shares. It is important to notice that the article itself was originally published last November and has generated Website Shares over a long period of regular reposts. Kodin Kuvalehti embrace a strategy of reposting well-performing articles on Facebook and this particular one has been reposted ten times over the course of six months, including once by Yleisradio’s Kioski.



KIT brings us the best-performing Swedish post of the week, with their native video on the Chinese bus of the future generating a solid 27,747 engagement On-Post. This story was big last week and we’ve seen successful versions of it in many countries around the globe.


This repost of a May 8 article by Newsner has created 2,246 On-Post engagement as of this moment and with a total 41,657 lifetime Website Shares to prove its continued interest, we would expect to see this story shared again in the future!



The best Norwegian post of the week comes from Norge Rundt, a native video generating 22,851 engagement and more than 800,000 views. Well done!


Wrapping things up, we’ve got this Nettavisen math problem from their side3 vertical as the most successful repost in Norway this week, with 37,636 Shares up to date. With 364 engagement the post itself isn’t among the best performers of the week, but it does bring new attention to the article generating new Website Shares, making reposting more than worthwhile.

That’s all for week 21 – see you here next week!

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Update: This blog post has been updated on May 31 to place more emphasis on the best-performing posts of the week and to clarify that Website Shares for reposted content are usually generated over a long period of time.