SoMe Index, week 22

Newsner stays ahead of the more traditional media for a second week in a row, holding on to the title of the greatest publisher on Swedish social media. An impressive feat in a country with strong tabloids! Expressen and Aftonbladet wrap up the publisher top three, with broadcasters SVT and TV4 down the line.

The Norwegian top three remains unchanged for a third week in a row, with broadcaster TV 2, national broadcaster NRK and tabloid VG holding the top. Online newspaper Nettavisen enters the top five, pushing daily newspaper Aftenposten down a notch.

In Finland, Ilta-Sanomat stays first with just a bit under half a million total engagement for the week. Total engagement is down in Finland for a second week in a row, coming off an amazing week 20. No changes in the publisher top five here either, with Iltalehti coming in second, national broadcaster Yleisradio placing third, MTV placing fourth and Helsingin Sanomat wrapping up the top five.

We’ve been seeing well-engaging National Day posts from Swedish publications yesterday so we’re expecting to see a bump in Swedish numbers next week.

Let’s take a look at the top posts of the week:


Grillbibeln is guilty as charged of providing the biggest Nordic post of the week with this mouthwatering food video. The very first iteration of the clip garnered 47,418 Facebook reactions, 61,999 shares, 58,474 comments and 9.2 million, yes, 9,200,000 views. Massive. The video was then reposted twice more to great success and accumulated an impressive 167,959 total engagement over the week. Well done (although for steaks, we recommend medium rare)!


SVT Play brings us another great piece of native Facebook content with this clip from Swedish TV series Vi på Saltkråkan from 1964. The video has received 32,074 On-Post engagement and 926,000 views up to date. As a native Facebook video, there won’t be any Web Shares though. But we do agree with Tjorven – more cake to the people!


TV 2 Nyhetene’s article on 22-year-old Remi’s victory over drugs acquired 16,827 On-Post engagement, 13,577 Web Shares and 1 Pinterest Pin for a total of 30,405 reader engagement, thus making it the best-performing article of the week in Norway.


This hilarious remake of the Last Supper covered by Ilta-Sanomat generated 10,688 On-Post engagement, 9,557 Web Shares and 1 Pinterest Pin for a total engagement of 20,246.

That’s all for week 22 – see you here next week!

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This blog post has been updated on June 8 to include the top performing video post from Grillbibeln.